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New for 2010 - Upgraded Suspension Parts

Baby Grands has developed some exciting new parts to help you find those tenths you are looking for.  First, there is a new left front spindle with an ackerman adjustment.  Correctly adjusted ackerman will reduce friction in the corners and reduce your lap times.  We also have new super lightweight aluminum wheel spacers.  Wheel spacers are rotating, unsprung weight.  Any reduction here will be the best place to save weight.  If you still have steel wheel spacers, consider these new aluminum spacers to help you get to the front of the pack.  Go to the "New Parts" link on the left for more info.  Also, check out the photo below:

Welcome New Dealer - Evolution Racing Products

Calgary Canada has been a hotbed of Baby Grand racing for years and now Evolution Racing Products will help to continue and grow that area.  Owner Grant Edwards has set up to offer full driver development from minicups all the way to late model stock cars - with Baby Grands right in the middle.  His newly completed shop earned coverage in Canada's popular "Inside Track" magazine.  Click here to read the article.  For more information, or to order cars and parts, call Grant at 403-503-0992

Click on the photo for a larger version.

A Baby Grand for 2?

Check out the new Baby Grand 2 seater.  Click here.

Rear End Quick Fill Available Now

A quick change rear end is great but it is hard to get the oil back in the rear end at the track.  Now this kit makes it easy.  Simply mount the tank just below your decklid and connect the end to the side port of the rear end.  To refill the rear end, dump the oil that came out back into the tank which is easy to reach.  These kits are in stock and ready for immediate shipment for only $99.95 - Click here for a photo of the kit, and click here to see a kit installed on a Baby Grand  racecar.

Major Brake Upgrades Now Available

Would you like better performance from your brake system?  Now there are two upgrades for brakes that can help.  First, Baby Grands has produced a custom fit stainless steel braided brake line system to replace the old rubber lines.  This provides better feel and faster response from your brakes, while also improving the looks dramatically.  Click here to learn about the new brake line system.  In addition, Baby Grands has also manufactured a new custom rotor which corrects the mismatch between the rotor and pads that has existed for years.  Click here for more info on the new rotor system. 

New Swaybars Available

The new swaybar kit has been a hit with racers all around North America and has improved the handling and safety of Baby Grand cars.  Up until now, the kit only came with one swaybar - a straight 7/8" solid bar.  Several racers have asked for more choices to help them tailor their setups to different tracks and Baby Grands has listened.  There are now two additional bars available.  Click here for more.

Baby Grands in the Wind Tunnel

Nextel Cup teams are always working on their cars in the wind tunnel.  Now Baby Grands has teamed up with the Langley Full Scale Tunnel in Langley, VA to test our cars in the wind.  The first project is to use an old body style to set a baseline, test modifications, and eventually to compare numbers with the new body style.  We even have some cool photos of the process.  Click here to see the team working on the setup, and click here to see the car in front of the huge fans of the wind tunnel.

New Positive Shift Linkage Assembly Released

The latest project from the Baby Grands R&D department completely upgrades the shifting mechanism in Baby Grand cars for better, faster, shifting.  Click here for more info.

New High Performance Air Filter Available

If you are looking to change or upgrade your air filter system, you will want to consider this new assembly from Baby Grands.  Click here for more.

New Water Cooled Engines Available Now

Testing is complete and the new water cooled cylinder package has proven to be a success.  Baby Grands has the required radiators and water pumps in stock now for immediate delivery.  Also, billet cylinders with sleeves already installed, as well as complete engines are available.  Click here for more info.

New Swaybars Available Now

New swaybars are are available now to east coast racers, and will be available to west coast racers immediately after the West Grand National race in September.  This big 43 piece kit includes everything you need to upgrade the handling on your Baby Grand racecar.  The cost is $425 which includes everything you need except a 3/8" drill bit to install the new system on your car.  Click here for a photo of the complete kit.  Click here for the installation instructions.

Front Clip Crossmember now Available

The "U" shaped crossmember at the front of the front clip on Baby Grand cars often gets bent backwards in a crash and many racers have figured they need to replace the whole front clip to fix the problem.  Now Baby Grands has built a supply of just the "U" shaped member so racers with access to a welder etc. can simply cut out the bent section, and weld in a new section built in the factory jig for a correct fit.  The cost for this crossmember is $99.95 and they are easily shipped anywhere.  Pictures will be coming soon.

New Bumpers for New Body Style

When the new body style for Baby Grands was introduced, an inexpensive conversion kit allowed racers to continue to use their old bumpers.  Now as many racers are using the new body style, and needing replacement bumpers, Baby Grands has built totally new bumpers designed from the beginning to fit the new body style.  The price is unchanged from the old style, so you simply need to specify you want the new style bumper when you order.  Both front and rear bumpers are available now.

New Upgrades Section for Baby Grands

Baby Grands has been hard at work on many R&D projects and some of the products from this effort are starting to be released.  There is a new link to the left titled "Upgrades" which will be a page where all the upgrades are listed so new and old racers can always see what the latest products are.  Click here to check out the new stuff!

Replacement Fenders and Quarter Panels

Baby Grands now has replacement fenders and quarter panels for the new style bodies.  These are in addition to the replacement noses and tails which have been available for some time.  Now, if you have a new body and get into a wreck, you can easily replace the sections that were damaged with new pieces that rivet into place.  Look for photos soon.

Prototype Water Cooled Cylinder Ready for Testing

Despite advances in oil cooling products, Baby Grands has been working with the best minds in motorcycle engines to develop a water cooled cylinder replacement for our existing engines.  We hope that this new technology will allow Baby Grands to run 100 lap races, with engines that are more reliable than ever.  The first prototype is ready for testing, and we decided to post some photos for everyone to see here.  Click here for a top view showing the water passageways around the steel sleeves.  Click here for a front view showing the smooth, compact, CNC'ed surface.  Click here for an end view showing the water port holes.

New  Body Installation Help

For racers who are installing their new body conversion kits on their own - help is now available.  These installation instructions detail how to install a new body conversion kit using part numbers from the parts list.  Click here to download the basic instructions and click here for parts list one and click here for parts list two.

New Baby Grand Body Kits Available

The new Baby Grand Bodies have been a big hit!  When you order one, you'll get a full conversion kit to allow installation of a new body on your old chassis.  To see all the "stuff" that comes in the kit, click here for most of the small parts and click here for the rear decklid and other small parts.  For general info,  click here.

Replacement Noses & Tails for 2005 Bodies Available

The new 2005 Baby Grand bodies are a big hit with racers and now there is one more reason to get one.  Replacement noses and tails are now available.  If you do crash either end of a complete body, for only $159 you can get a replacement that easily rivets into place and looks great.  Click here for a photo of the replacement nose and click here for a photo of the replacement tail.

New Improved Headers Now Available

Schoenfeld Headers has partnered with Baby Grands to produce a new header system.  The new headers have the following improvements: 
     1.  Ceramic coated inside and out for cooler temps and longer service life.
     2.  Thicker gauge steel for better rust resistance and higher strength.
     3.  Tabs factory installed so all parts can be bolted together.
     4.  New flange system for better sealing at the head.
     5.  Larger 2 1/4" diameter outlet for better sound and easy matching to "off the shelf" mufflers and pipes.
The complete system is priced at $595.00 and is available for immediate order and delivery.  Click here to see a photo or click on the "New Parts" link to the left to place an order.  For some helpful installation tips, click here.

Quick Change Gear Chart Now Available

Thanks to Rodney Brown of Tennessee, Baby Grands is now able to provide all our racers with a handy gear ratio chart.  This easy to use chart shows the final drive ratio in gears 3, 4, and 5 so you can see if using a different transmission gear will give you the final drive you are looking for.  Click here or on the new "Downloads" link to the left to download the chart.  There are two different charts - one for 3.78 rearends and one for 4.11 rearends.

New Adjustable A-Arms in Stock Now

Baby Grands has new adjustable upper A-Arms made specially for Baby Grand racecars.  These allow you to quickly make changes when moving from track to track.  Another benefit is they have a modular design which allows you to only replace parts of the A-Arm after a crash instead of the whole unit.  This could save you big money over a few years of racing.  The A-Arms are listed on the parts page under "New Parts".  Click here for a photo.

New Headlight/Taillight Decals for Baby Grands

Baby Grands now has new headlight and taillight decal kits specially designed to fit the Baby Grand manufactured Monte Carlo and Thunderbird bodies.  These all new kits are $59.95 for a complete set and are listed in the Baby Grand section of the "New Parts" page.  Click here to visit that page and see photos now.

Improved Products for Baby Grands

New aluminum spoilers have been designed which fit the old Thunderbird and Monte Carlo bodies.   These new spoilers are welded at the same angle as the old plastic style and will upgrade the look of your Baby Grand.  The  spoilers are $72.50 each.  Click on the "New Parts" link for ordering information.  For pictures, click the following links: spoiler top, spoiler bottom

Baby Grands - Now Accepting Credit Cards

If you need parts quick, you can now use your Visa or Mastercard to purchase parts from Baby Grands.  Check out the "New Parts" link to the left for more info or click here.

ESAB Upgrades Baby Grands

One of the most important parts of a racecar manufacturing business is the welding equipment.  The best equipment produces the best quality products, and new ESAB equipment will ensure new Baby Grand stockcars and parts will be first class.  Not only does ESAB have great welding equipment, they also feature awesome new "auto darkening" welding helmets which eliminate raising and lowering the helmet to check your work.  Check out the brochures on the new ESAB welding equipment and helmets by clicking on the links below:

Multimaster 260 Welder
Caddytig 150 Welder
Eye Tech 5-13 Auto Darkening Helmet

Stock Car Racing Magazine

The May 2004 issue of Stock Car Racing Magazine (With Joe Gibbs on the cover) features Baby Grand racecars along with other motorcycle powered racecars.  It is a good feature with a great shot of the cars as well.  There isn't an "electronic" version of the story we can link to, so check it out at your nearest bookstore, newsstand, etc.

Carl Edwards Returns

Carl Edwards was the 2002 Baby Grand Champion before moving up to the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in 2003.  He won Rookie of the Year in Trucks along with winning 3 races his first year.  Now in 2005, he has already moved up to the Nextel Cup Series.  Even with all his NASCAR success however, Carl still loves Baby Grands.  He came to the 2004 Speedweeks Special race and talked about Baby Grand racing in a short interview we have posted on this website.  Click here to watch the interview on a dial-up modem.  If you have a high speed Internet connection, Click here for a better resolution version of the interview.


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