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Brand new Baby Grand racecars are available for purchase in three ways.  You can purchase a car unassembled in kit form, as a complete roller minus engine, or as a complete assembled running car.  All three options are available from any of our dealers or through Baby Grands.  Complete cars include the following standard features:  Fully integrated chassis (2" X 2" 14 gauge) and rollcage (1 1/2" .095 tube), new Yamaha XJR1300 engine with billet water cooled cylinders, radiator, water pump, external oil cooler with supply lines and cowl induction, 5-speed transmission, in-line sequential shifter, drive shaft and couplers, Winters Quick Change rear end, 4 wheel disc brakes, 13 X 7 Aero wheels, 13 X 7 Hoosier Tires, dual Wilwood master cylinder with bias adjustment, AFCO coil-over shocks, Stiletto rack and pinion steering, removable steering wheel, 12 volt battery, 5 gallon fuel cell, custom interior, window net & hardware, fiberglass body with hinged hood, rear deck lid, hood pins, aluminum spoiler, and lexan windows (front, rear & port).

Brand new rollers do not include engine, or engine related parts like radiator, water pump, oil cooling system, headers, ignition, carburetors, air filters, etc. 

Both complete and roller cars do not come with seats or seat belt harness'.  These items need to be custom fit to the driver, and Baby Grands recommends drivers contact their preferred vendor for these items. 

To order a new Baby Grand racecar, contact one of our local dealers (click here for listing) or contact Baby Grands by clicking on the "Contact" link to the left of this page.

Here are some photos of a new roller in red powdercoat. 
Click on any image for a larger photo.

Here is the passenger side of a new roller.
Here is the custom designed interior of a Baby Grand,
complete with Autometer gauges and shifter.
Here is a view of the front suspension taken from
underneath the car.  Notice the new high performance swaybar
and the radiator assembly.
Here is a view of the Winters Quick Change
and rear suspension of a Baby Grand.
Here is a view of the car with a new body set on the chassis.

To order, e-mail to minicup@yahoo.com


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