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Baby Grand History

The Baby Grand Stockcar was conceived in the Fall of 1992 by Tom & Linda Cravens of Marshfield, Missouri.  After attending a Winston Cup race at Talladega, they became fascinated with the neon paint jobs, the impressive pitroad line-up, the smell of racing fuel in the air, and the speed and excitement of it all.

They decided to build a racecar less intimidating than 725 HP and 193 MPH, and as safe as possible.  As they began their project, they saw so much enthusiasm for the idea from vendors, that they decided to pursue the project as a business, rather than a hobby.

After two years of design work, experimentation, and testing, their prototyping was finished, and they were ready for production. In 1995, the factory was built, along with frame jigs, molds for the fiberglass bodies, and all the additional fixtures needed for rapid production.

In 1996 they began selling Baby Grand Stockcars to the public. The first season of racing was held in the midwest with a total of 23 races being held. The car also became SCCA approved for road racing events in the summer of 1996.

In only twelve months, twenty two states had new Baby Grand Distributorships set up and operating. In the spring of 1997, Baby Grands ventured into Canada, rolling into Calgary for a full season of sanctioned events.

To date, more than 300 Baby Grand racecars have been produced and they compete nationwide both on oval tracks and road courses.  The car is versatile, dependable, well built, and proven in competition.  For more information and specifications, click here.

2004 brought a relocation for the manufacturing of Baby Grand  from Missouri to Bowling Green, Kentucky.  In addition, several improvements were made to the cars including:

1.  New Bodies - the cars now look up to date and the improved bodies also feature replaceable noses and tails for quick, cheap repairs.  The new style also have removable dash and windshield to provide access to work on the engine without removing the body, and an escape hatch in the roof for safety.

2.  New Tires and Wheels - the new tires from Hoosier are $20 cheaper per tire which lowers the cost to compete in a Baby Grand.  The new wheels from Aero are lighter for less unsprung weight, and are $5 less than the old style. 

3.  New Headers - The new headers are coated to lower underhood temperatures, and provide a standard 2 1/4" collector outlet so any standard muffler shop can add mufflers cheaply.

4. Water Cooled Cylinders - New Baby Grands now come with custom made billet aluminum water cooled cylinders.  This new system improves the cooling of the Yamaha motor, allowing Baby Grands to run cool indefinitely, even on the hottest days.

5. New Swaybar System - A new High Performance late model style swaybar system has been designed which provides improved handling and also a new tuning technique for racers to adjust.

In 2005, there were several events with more than 20 cars - much improved from only 3 years ago.  New dealers have also been established in several states and even Europe.  The sport is growing and you can be a part of the excitement - Baby Grands has new roller and complete car packages ready for delivery. 

The future is bright for Baby Grand racing.  Come join the fun!


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