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Baby Grand Stockcars - Construction & Features

Safety First
Unlike most scaled-down race cars, the Baby Grands not only have the appearance of full-sized stock cars, but also the safety features. The Baby Grand has a 1 1/2 inch .095" tubing* roll cage mounted on 2 inch X 2 inch 14 ga. square tubing frame rails. Drivers enter through the window opening, the same as a full-sized stock car. The use of an aluminum racing seat along with a 5-way safety harness gives the driver the security of a full-sized stock car.
The Baby Grand Stockcar is built with many of the same brand names that are found on NEXTEL Cup stock cars. All components on the Baby Grands are new. We use such brand names as Yamaha engines, Wilwood master cylinders, Auto Meter gauges, Butlerbuilt seats, Pyrotect safety harness, Winter's quick change rear-ends, Aero wheels, Hoosier slicks, Setrab coolers, Fuel Safe fuel cells, AFCO shocks, and Moog ball joints.
The Baby Grand Stockcar's design makes it simple to operate and maintain. The interior is driver friendly and comfortable including; Full aluminum interior, aluminum racing seat, quick release steering wheel, power switch panel at arms length, and an in line 5-speed shifter. The car features coil-over suspension so that you can easily set your car up for any track condition. The working hood and deck lid make it possible to have easy access to most components of the car. For more serious repairs, the entire fiberglass body can be easily removed by two people, exposing the complete engine and firewall.
Baby Grand Stockcars are designed to be authentic in appearance . You can be assured that your car has many of the precise details of the NEXTEL Cup stock cars. Baby Grand bodies are currently available in two different styles. Each body comes with a full spoiler front and rear, and Lexan windows. All you have to do is apply your sponsors paint scheme. Bodies can be interchanged on the same chassis with only a front bumper and hood-pin bar change.
Baby Grands are designed with first time racers in mind, as well as seasoned stock car drivers. The smaller size and weight of the Baby Grand makes it easy for one person to load or unload. It can be hauled on a small trailer behind the family car or small pickup, no expensive trucks or trailers needed. The Baby Grand can be stored in the family garage on the trailer, or in a common storage shed.

Despite their 2/3 scale, Baby Grands are raced by many full size men.  Here is a photo of road racer Deane Todd who is 6 foot 5 inches and over 285 pounds.  He says, "There's no extra room in there but I do just fine."

Engine New Yamaha XJR 1300 (1250cc)Motorcycle Engine
Horsepower 120-125 h.p. (Approx)
Roll Cage 1 1/2" Tubing-.095" Serial #60 and later
Wheelbase 76.5 inch
Width 53.0 inch
Length 11 feet 11 inch
Height 42.0 inch
Weight 1250 lbs.
Wheels Aero Steel 13 inch X 7 inch
Tires Hoosier Slicks 21 x 13 - 7
Steering Stiletto Rack & Pinion
Suspension Afco Coil-Over shocks
Rear End Winter's Quick Change


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