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Water Cooled Engine Kits

The biggest upgrade in Baby Grands history is now available.  We worked with the legendary Hank Scott to develop a custom CNC billet water cooled replacement cylinder for our Yamaha engines.  This system allows us to upgrade to water cooling without changing the basic engine, power output, or car.  New cars will be delivered with this system, and owners of older cars can now upgrade with this kit.

The cylinder itself will be sold with steel sleeves already installed and decked, ready to install on an engine and will only be sold to engine builders for $1,500.  For racers who want a complete, new water cooled engine, you can contact Hank Scott for pricing and options at 704-784-4554.

All other parts to convert to water cooling including the radiator, water pump, lines, etc. will be sold as a kit through Baby Grands.  The conversion kit is $1,500.  As such, the total cost including cylinders is $3,000.

If you already have an engine, and you just need the conversion parts, please order from Baby Grands or any of our dealers.  All parts are in stock and ready to go. Click here for order form.

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