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High Performance Swaybars

If you already have the High Performance Swaybar Kit, and would like a lower rate bar, your wish has been granted.  These custom made swaybars slide right into the mounting blocks just like the original with no other changes or parts necessary.  The centers of the new bars are turned down to provide a lower rate than the original.  There are now three bars available with the following rates:

600 Bar        165 lbs rate
700 Bar        307 lbs rate
Original         519 lbs rate

These new bars are all marked with "BG" the diameter of the bar.  Each one is priced at $119.95 and all are in stock ready for same day shipment from Baby Grands.  Call or fax in your order today!

Here is a photo of the new bars

Below is a close-up of the end of the bar


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