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High Performance Swaybar Kits

Baby Grands is excited to announce the availability of a new high performance swaybar kit that makes a tremendous improvement in the handling of Baby Grand racecars.  Best of all, the kit includes everything you'll need to upgrade your Baby Grand except a 3/8" drill bit.  The swaybar is a solid 7/8" bar with splines on the end.  Custom made CNC aluminum arms attach to the end of the bar and run back over the lower control arm.  A dual thread turnbuckle with 3/8" heims on either end connects the end of the arm to the lower control arm in the same bung as is used by the old style swaybar.  The bar itself is held to the chassis by 2 CNC aluminum blocks which bolt to the underside of the 2"X2" square frame tubing.

This new system improves handling on all tracks, but the improvement is most obvious on road courses or flat oval tracks.  The turnbuckles are adjustable so you can add or remove preload on the bar.  Order your kit today and see what a difference it will make in your car!

Here are the parts included in the kit


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