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High Performance Pedal Bearing Kits

Get better feel and control now by installing these high performance bearing kits in your pedal assemblies.  You'll see a huge improvement in two ways.  First, there will not be any "side to side" slop in your pedals.  They will go directly up and down.  Second, there will be almost no friction in the system so you will have precise throttle, brake, and clutch control.  This will make it much easier to take off without stalling the car or burning the clutch.  It will also help give better throttle control on the track to help you get those last few tenths of a second you've been looking for!

There are kits available for each pedal - gas, brake, and clutch.  Each kit is priced at $19.95 and includes the following:  2 roller bearings, 4 machine washers, 1 alloy shaft bolt, 1 compact nylock nut, installation instructions and a diagram.

You'll love the difference this makes in your car control skills.  Kits are available from Baby Grands or any of our authorized dealers.  See the photos below for shots of the parts in a kit, and a kit installed on the gas pedal of a Baby Grand.  Call 270-784-8231 to order or contact your local dealer today to get these kits for your Baby Grand!


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