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New Ceramic Coated Header System

Baby Grands has introduced new ceramic coated headers which have many improvements for better performance, longer life, and cooler temps.  The new headers have the following improvements: 
     1.  Ceramic coated inside and out for cooler temps and longer service life.
     2.  Thicker gauge steel for better rust resistance and higher strength.
     3.  Tabs factory installed so all parts can be bolted together.
     4.  New flange system for better sealing at the head.
     5.  Larger 2 1/4" diameter outlet for better sound and easy matching to "off the shelf" mufflers and pipes.
The complete system is priced at $599.00 and is available for immediate order and delivery.  Click here to see a photo or click on the "New Parts" link to the left to place an order.  For some helpful installation tips, click here.


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