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New Baby Grand Bodies - Click here for photo

Baby Grands is proud to introduce the first body update in a decade for Baby Grand racecars.  The new bodies incorporate many advancements including:

1.  New roof escape hatch standard - increases safety
2.  Updated look - Baby Grands look like the late models of today - not 10 years ago
3.  Removable hood/windshield/dash - Easily work on or remove engine without removing body
4.  Better aerodynamics - Cars will be more stable at high speeds
5.  Better cooling - Front end air intakes are designed to pull cooling air into the engine
6.  Less prep - No center seam.  Simply trim hood and roof hatch and body is ready to go
7.  Great looking white gelcoat - if you like white, no need to paint!

The complete body conversion kit costs only $1995.00 and includes all the following:
Click here to see the first group of conversion parts
Click here to see the second group of conversion parts

Lexan/Polycarbonate Window kit � all pieces trimmed to fit.  1/8� Rront, .090 Rear and .060 or .090 Side windows
4 � Hinge sets (8 pieces), bolts, nuts, washers for Roof Hatch and Deck lid
2 � Roof magnets and plates
1 � Air intake trim ring with Stainless Screen
2 � Hood pin mounts for back of hood
7 � 3/8� Aluminum Hood Pins, 7-clips, 7-scuff plates, 14 � 3/8� jam nuts   (1 for each side of back of hood, 3 on     front of hood, 2 for deck lid at back)
2 � 1X2 front bumper weld on extensions slotted approx 6-8� long each (customer weld on)
2 � LS and 2 RS 5/8� tubing to weld on to chassis so original 1/2� square piece will slide and extend out to new body. (Customer welds on)
1 � 4 sided Aluminum Extension for Air box (Air Dam)
1 � Lower rear bumper bar bent in U shape to fit existing rear bumper (Customer welds on)
18 � Individual Heavy Duty Dzus Buttons,  3 each side of window, 1 on each side of cowl, 3 across top of window, 7 for aluminum dash
18 � Dzus button springs
1 � Aluminum Dash Top

The price of $1995 does not include shipping.  For racers with a local dealer in your area, these sales will go through your local dealer.  Please still fax in the order so Baby Grands can project the demand for new bodies.  Bodies will be picked up or shipped from Greenbriar, Tennessee.


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