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New Closed Loop Breather System - $169.95

New Baby Grand racecars are now delivered from the factory with this upgraded closed loop breather system.  When retrofitted to an old car, it removes the requirement to have a line run to the rear of the car.  A big advantage of this system is it ensures all oil stays in your engine where it belongs.  If you should have some get pushed out of your engine it will drain right back in, rather than accumulating in a catch can somewhere.

For road race cars, the aluminum can is mounted in the center of the front crossbar as shown in the photo below left.  For oval track cars, the same can is moved over to the drivers side of the same bar.  The main breather line comes off the fitting in the top of the engine crankcase and attaches to the rear side of the tank.  Then the return line runs from the lower right of the tank bottom around to a billet fitting in the rear port of the oil pan as seen in the lower right photo.

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