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High Performance Front Rotor Kit - $349

For years, Baby Grands have used "off the shelf" front rotors and calipers that didn't match up correctly.  This caused uneven wear on brake pads and reduced braking efficiency.  Now Baby Grands has developed a new high performance front rotor kit that replaces your old rotors and will match up correctly with your existing caliper and brake pads.  You'll get better brake performance and even pad wear with this kit which also includes all new wheel bearings. 

This kit will only work on cars which have the newer spindle and GM caliper system - not on the old Pinto style spindles and calipers.

To install, simply remove your old rotors and bearings, pack the new bearings, and install the new rotor.  If your old brake pads have uneven wear, you may need to replace them as well.  This kit includes everything shown below for $349 and is in stock and ready for shipping now.

Call Baby Grands at 270-784-8231 or your local dealer to order.


Here are the parts included in the kit



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