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Stainless Steel Brake Line Upgrade - $149.95

Get better feel and great looks with this new stainless steel brake line kit.  The kit includes everything you need to replace the old rubber lines on your car.  Depending on the length and placement of your existing brake hardlines, you may need to replace them with longer pieces or a different routing on your chassis.  If so, you can purchase lines pre-flared from auto parts stores such as O'Reilly.

In the rear, the line is shaped like a "T" and attaches directly to the quick change rear end as shown in the photo below left.  In the front, new brake line mount tabs are welded or riveted to the underside of the front clip and an adapter from the kit is used to convert from regular hardline to the stainless steel braided line as shown in the photo below right.

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Here are the parts included in the kit


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