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New High Performance Air Filter

Now available - new air filters that provide more airflow for more power.  Notice how the filter area runs the full length of the carburetors and the filter material is on three sides for maximum flow.  Simply install the metal mounting plate on your carbs with the included screws, then slide the filter in from the front, and attach using the quick grip tabs.  Now your engine will get more air, and you'll be headed to the front of the pack!  Order today from Baby Grands or any of our authorized dealers for $189.

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Here is a view of the mounting bracket and the backside of the filter.

Here is a view of the assembly together - notice the huge filtering area and the screws for attaching the mounting plate to the carburetors.
Here is a view of the filter assembly installed on a new car. 
Here is a view looking in from the passenger side of the car.  Notice all that filter area on the end of the assembly.  This is where you'll pick up lots more airflow.


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