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Baby Grand 2 Seater

Up until now, the excitement of Baby Grand racing was something that could only be enjoyed one person at a time.  Now, Baby Grands has built a 2 seat Baby Grand that will give lots of new people a taste of the excitement that our drivers enjoy.  Here is a FAQ section to explain the project:

1.  Why did you build it?  -  Our plan is to use the car for corporate rides, promotions at our local track, and as a way to draw attention to Baby Grand racing. 

2.  What size rider will fit?  -  We just built the car so we haven't set a record yet - but the passenger seat is a size 17 and we have already put 200+ lb men in the car with no problem.

3.  How is the car different from a regular Baby Grand?  -  The chassis started out as a regular Baby Grand.  We replaced the right side of the car with a new passenger compartment, raised the halo bar on the passenger side 2 inches, and stretched the body as much as we could to make the interior as large as possible.  All suspension and drivetrain locations and parts are stock Baby Grand.  The engine is a standard water cooled Yamaha.

4.  How do you get in?  -  Both driver and passenger get in the car through their respective windows.  On the passenger side, we made a section of the door flip down to increase the size of the opening, making it easier for larger or less flexible riders to get in and out of the car.

5.  Where will the car run?  -  We plan to use it at our local Beech Bend Raceway, but also to bring it on the road whenever we have the opportunity. 

6.  How can I ride?  -  We are working out the details now.  Our plans are to offer rides for a fee, and also as part of promotions run by our local track and potential sponsors of the car.

7.  How fast does it go?  -  We have just had it out on the track for one test session so far.  With a 100 lb passenger the car ran a lap of 17.2 seconds and the track record is 16.8 so the car is very competitive.  We still have some adjustments to make because the car does need different suspension settings and springs than a regular Baby Grand.

8.  Who helped with the car?  -  Building this car was a true team effort.  The car was designed by David Daniels.  The chassis was modified by Phillip Lloyd.  The custom interior was made by Sammy Sanders.  The assembly was done by Phillip Lloyd and Jeff Hazel.  We also would like to thank Ultrashield Race Products for providing the seats and belts for the car, and Aero Race Wheels who built special offset wheels for the 2 seater.

9.  What does it look like?  -  Check out the photos below

10.  I have another question.  -  Give us a call at 270-784-8231 or e-mail to racing@babygrandracing.com


Here is the bare chassis back from powdercoat.  All the interior was already in except for the foot box area which still used stock panels.  Notice the raised supports around the halo and door bar areas which raise the body slightly providing more interior headroom.  We wanted to be able to get as much room inside as possible to allow for big passengers.
Here is a view of the interior of the car.  The tunnel provides space for the driveshaft, brake and fuel lines, and shift linkage.  The passenger side is slightly wider than the driver's side and also features 4 door bars.
The brake lines and suspension are already in place.  Also notice the reflective heat insulation placed on the tunnel area and the passenger side.  At the first test, this kept the panels from becoming too hot for the passenger.  Here a new water cooled engine is lowered into the car for the first time.  At the test, water and oil temps stayed at or below 200 degrees even during long runs.
Here Tony Cross finishes wiring the car.  Notice both Ultrashield seats are now installed.  The passenger side leans slighty inward to provide more headroom, and also to support passengers in hard left hand turns.
Here is a shot of the finished interior.  The gauges are oil and water temp and oil pressure.  The switches are simply ignition, push button start, and fans.  Simple - go fast, turn left.
Here is the team at test day just before the car went out for the first time.  Pictured from left to right are Pete Neimeier, David Daniels, Jeff Hazel, and Phillip Lloyd.


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